The journey to Eden Gardens

The journey to Eden covered many ideas - which involves a staged design process. There were hundreds of solutions, and eventually - one strong direction was achieved. Once that idea was formed, many alternatives were reached to find the ultimate framework - This method of design development is challenging, because is consultative. Many Design Studios offer a single alternative - which is a safe way to proceed - but may not allow the client to inhabit the solution... Good design isn't designed, it's redesigned.

March 22, 2018

  • Leaf
  • Eden Oldschool
  • Eden Botanist Flowers
  • Eden Botanist Lettering
  • Eden Botanist Reverse
  • E Gardens
  • Eden Gardens_Hills
  • Eden Caligraphy_01
  • Eden Folksy Roundel
  • Pot Plant screaming_03
  • Eden Spring growth
  • Eden Olive
  • Eden Leaf
  • Eden Deco_Stage_2
  • Eden Autumn Leaf


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