Healthworks Corporate

Healthworks Corporate supplies Health Programs and initiatives to large corporations - and has been in that business many years. We've enjoyed many design Identity initiatives, and this is one of my favourites. Many of the ideas here - which were part of the staged design process, could be used in a completely new and innovative marketing push. Great design ages slowly...

March 23, 2018

  • Healthworks 3D Mono
  • Healthworks Cross Mono
  • Healthworks Cross Logo
  • Healthworks Space H Mono
  • Healthworks Space H
  • Healthworks Floating Dancer Mono
  • Healthworks Angel Sharp
  • Healthworks Moving Angel
  • Healthworks Angel Mono_01
  • Healthworks Flying Italic H
  • Healthworks Flying H blur
  • Healthworks Interacting H
  • Healthworks Flying H Mono
  • Healthworks Floating Body_01
  • Healthworks Floating Body Mono
  • Healthworks Swirl Alternatives
  • Swirl Alteratives_03
  • Healthworks Final alternative
  • Healthworks Horizontal Final
  • Healthworks Logo Vertical
  • Healthworks BlueSwirl_solo

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