Avalon Beach General

Avalon Beach General is a clothing store which is located on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The 'Insular Peninsula' they call it. In my teens, I would eat a cream bun between each surf in front of Barefoot Boulevard. Very hippy. We originally had developed a brand based on the Starfish - with a hand drawn star - later replaced by a cheesy vector version. Years later the owner wanted to update. The direction we suggested was a hand lettered 'Woody' style Logotype which you might see on the side of a 1960's Chevvy Pick Up Truck. We've included that idea in this design selection. The idea wasn't accepted, but I would believe it stands many years later - even unfinished. Timeless.

March 25, 2018

  • Beach General original
  • Beach General Starfish
  • Beach General Surfboard_fin
  • Beach General Surf
  • 's
  • Beach General Scribble_02
  • Beach General Scribble Colour
  • Beach General Woody_02
  • Beach General Woody
  • Beach General Shaded
  • Beach General Shaded Light
  • Beach General Arcade

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