Ballarat West Employment Zone

Ballarat West Employment Zone project was commissioned on behalf of Aecom Melbourne. Urban design submissions are complex and information heavy. Pages of information. The challenge was to create something without pictures which conveyed a style and sold the dream. We developed a product graphic based on 'Eureka' - significant in Ballarat, and created a style which works together with Aecom Design Guidelines. Aecom won the $70k business. The result was directly influenced by the design direction. Design sells - by increasing the opportunity to be noticed, and well received.

March 8, 2018

Client: Aecom Melbourne

  • B_West Cover
  • B_West_Eureka_09
  • B_West_work flow
  • B_West Eureka_03
  • B_West Masterplan Header
  • B_West_Eureka_10
  • B_West Spread_19
  • B_West_Eureka_13
  • B_West_Spread
  • B_West_Eureka_01
  • B_West Spread_18
  • B_West_Eureka_08

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