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Meet The Team Optional Subtitle

  • Brian Livingstone

    CEO & Founder

    Brian does all our logos and sandwiches. He is also lord high commander of the stovetop coffee maker. Somehow, he can’t stop using a pencil – he was almost assassinated while teaching Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign because he knew too much. ┬áHe’s been designing since he was 16, starting at Anthony Villani’s Studio in Sydney’s Surry Hills. Although now over 100, his design work is prolific. Always uses the mind and works a pencil. He has two studios – in a secluded cabin on the beach, and another in a secluded bus on another beach.

  • Ryan Clark

    Senior Specialist

    This is Ryan. Nobody will tell us what it is that he does but each time – he delivers ‘what ever it is’ – as vital. He’s a creative genius, ahead of time – worth every crypto. He is the teacher of teachers, the student of the masters who lead the masters who lead the Unicorns. We sit in silence, waiting at his feet. Not because of his profound wisdom, not because we can’t get a word in, but because he’s just very, very, very funny.